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Environmental Justice in a Moment of Danger
by Julie Sze

Reflecting on recent struggles—from Standing Rock and Flint to mobilizations in California’s Central Valley and in New Orleans and Puerto Rico following Hurricane Katrina and Hurricane Maria—Julie Sze explores how organizers and movements fight and create in the face of environmental and social violence. What can they teach us?

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Environmental Justice in a Moment of Danger
Julie Sze
University of California Press
January 2020

Julie Sze is Professor of American Studies and Founding Director of the Environmental Justice Project at the University of California, Davis. She has authored and edited three books and numerous articles on environmental justice and inequality, culture and environment, and urban and community health and activism. Sze works in collaboration with environmental scientists, engineers, social scientists, humanists and community based organizers on a wide range of research projects in California, New York, and China.

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Stevie Wonder

Growing up in 1980s New York City, I was oblivious to the rise of hip-hop. My preferences ran more the oldies station, and the sounds of Motown and the 1960s and 1970s. Stevie Wonder’s Saturn from the majestic 1976 album Songs in the Key of Life, with his call for “Love’s in Need of Love Today”, is a message we need now more than ever.

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Boots Riley

It is completely original and radical in a way that’s never been done in film. He is a radical musician, so the politics are not surprising. But the way it’s tied into a narrative, and the stuff he does, is pretty out there.