A show about space and the consequences of our designs

Each episode features one author on a new book that offers critical ways of understanding the worlds we make. Transdisciplinary perspectives from across the arts, social sciences, and humanities every Tuesday. Produced by David Huber.

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Interstitial EP037

Digital Monuments
by Simone Brott

Interstitial EP036

Border Land, Border Water
by C.J. Alvarez

Interstitial EP035

Sinews of War and Trade
by Laleh Khalili

Interstitial EP034

How the Suburbs Were Segregated
by Paige Glotzer

Interstitial EP033

Solar Power
by Dustin Mulvaney

Interstitial EP032

by Joanne McNeil

Interstitial EP031

Digitize and Punish
by Brian Jefferson

Interstitial EP030

Improvised Cities
by Helen Gyger

Interstitial EP029

Planetary Mine
by Martín Arboleda

Interstitial EP028

Reciprocal Landscapes
by Jane Hutton

Interstitial EP027

Architecture in Global Socialism
by Łukasz Stanek

Interstitial EP026

The Participant
by Christopher Kelty

Interstitial EP025

by Kate O'Neill

Interstitial EP024

The Great Great Wall
by Ian Volner

Interstitial EP023

Out of Stock
by Dara Orenstein

Interstitial EP022

by Daniel Schwartz

Interstitial EP021

Black in Place
by Brandi Thompson Summers

Interstitial EP020

New Urban Spaces
by Neil Brenner

Interstitial EP019

Environmental Justice in a Moment of Danger
by Julie Sze

Interstitial EP018

by Giorgos Kallis

Interstitial EP017

After Geoengineering
by Holly Jean Buck

Interstitial EP016

Space Settlements
by Fred Scharmen

Interstitial EP015

White Flights
by Jess Row

Interstitial EP014

Building Character
by Charles Davis

Interstitial EP013

Self-Devouring Growth
by Julie Livingston

Interstitial EP012

The Making of Measure and the Promise of Sameness
by Emanuele Lugli

Interstitial EP011

Stone Men
by Andrew Ross

Interstitial EP010

Ugliness and Judgment
by Timothy Hyde

Interstitial EP009

A Future History of Water
by Andrea Ballestero

Interstitial EP008

Sad by Design
by Geert Lovink

Interstitial EP007

X-Ray Architecture
by Beatriz Colomina

Interstitial EP006

Circulation & Urbanization
by Ross Exo Adams

Interstitial EP005

Prison Land
by Brett Story

Interstitial EP004

by Roger Luckhurst

Interstitial EP003

Spaceship in the Desert
by Gökçe Günel

Interstitial EP002

Lina Bo Bardi, Drawings
by Zeuler Lima

Interstitial EP001

Capital City
by Samuel Stein